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2015 Networking Titles
1 1fufhhkj Collision Tolerant and Collision Free Packet Scheduling for Underwater Acoustic Localization Export as PDF
2 1fufhhkj Defeating Jamming With the Power of Silence: A Game-Theoretic Analysis Export as PDF
3 1fufhhkj Universal Network Coding-Based Opportunistic Routing for Unicast Export as PDF
4 1fufhhkj Congestion Aware Load Balancing for Multiradio Wireless Mesh Network Export as PDF
5 1fufhhkj overrrrrr Export as PDF
6 1fufhhkj EMR: A Scalable Graph-based Ranking Model for Content-based Image Retrieval Export as PDF
7 1fufhhkj Automatic Group Happiness Intensity Analysis Export as PDF
8 1fufhhkj RRW - A Robust and Reversible Watermarking Technique for Relational Data Export as PDF
9 1fufhhkj overrrr Export as PDF
10 1fufhhkj SelCSP: A Framework to Facilitate Selection of Cloud Service Providers Export as PDF
11 1fufhhkj SPerforming Initiative Data Prefetching in Distributed File Systems for Cloud Computing Export as PDF
12 1fufhhkj Space-efficient Verifiable Secret Sharing Using Polynomial Interpolation Export as PDF
13 1fufhhkj TEnergy-aware Load Balancing and Application Scaling for the Cloud Ecosystem Export as PDF
14 1fufhhkj Combining Efficiency, Fidelity, and Flexibility in Resource Information Services Export as PDF
15 1fufhhkj Structured Learning from Heterogeneous Behavior for Social Identity Linkage Export as PDF
16 1fufhhkj oveerrrr Export as PDF
17 1fufhhkj Anonymizing Collections of Tree-Structured Data Export as PDF
18 1fufhhkj FOCS: Fast Overlapped Community Search Export as PDF
19 1fufhhkj Sparsity Learning Formulations for Mining Time-Varying Data Export as PDF
20 1fufhhkj K-Nearest Neighbor Classification over Semantically Secure Encrypted Relational Export as PDF
21 1fufhhkj The Impact of View Histories on Edit Recommendations Export as PDF
22 1fufhhkj SAgent-based Interactions and Economic Encounters in an Intelligent Inter Cloud Export as PDF
2014 DIP Image Processing